"Give Yourself time for everything to be picture-perfect."

Your time is still restricted!

Finding enough time during a typical wedding can be challenging to snap all the romantic pictures that have inspired you online. The "first look" introduction has been of great help in this regard. Now that there is no longer a long interval between the ceremony and reception, couples can take lovely photos of themselves without giving up their entire cocktail hour. Your time is still restricted, especially if the vows are exchanged in the late afternoon. Even though an hour or two may seem like enough time to get some pictures done, brides and grooms may prefer more time to ensure that everything goes as planned because wedding photos are so crucial. This is especially true if the couple wants their photos taken in various settings. In such cases, the couple might wish to think about getting married and then having wedding photos taken.

Wedding Photography of bride and groom posing at the Springs Event Venue

This is your chance to have the setting of your dreams!

because it resembles the custom of getting married before the big day and getting wedding photographs. Couples could participate in a picture shoot before to the wedding, although most pairs prefer not to see one another dressed completely before the ceremony. After saying "I do," you have the option to choose the venues and take as much time as you need for your photography session. This is your chance to have the setting of your dreams, from the beach to the forest, or wherever your imagination may lead you, if you had to make a compromise for the place of your vow exchange. The fact that you wouldn't have to worry about getting your dress soiled, as you could when taking pictures before to the ceremony, is an additional advantage. 

Groom holding his bride for a photographer at Caddo Creek

Location: Caddo Creek Event Venue and Music Hall

Elegant wedding posing ideas

Location: The Springs Event Venue - Aubrey, TX

Couples receive the wedding photographs of their dreams

A post-wedding picture shoot has some drawbacks, just like any option, so it's critical to consider what factors are most significant to you. Cost is a consideration because you will likely have to pay for hair and makeup in addition to hiring your photographer for another session. Depending on the outcome of your wedding, you could also need to have your outfits properly cleaned beforehand. If you're keeping your dress, you might also need to have it cleaned after the shoot. Others could object to having their picture taken during a wedding on a day other than their wedding day. There is nothing wrong with the decision if it's the right one for you, but others may view their images and believe the memory they have is a fabrication. The fact that every couple receives the wedding photographs of their dreams is what matters most!