When it comes to wedding planning, photography should be high on your list of priorities. After all, these images will be cherished memories of your special day. But with so many options out there, how can you budget effectively for your wedding photography? So when it comes down to planning such an important event/milestone in you and your partners life, why not take the time to understand the value of wedding photography cost and how much are YOU willing to invest on the one thing that will last forever after the DJ packs up, the catering is done withe their service and the venue is cleaned and moved on to the next event on their schedule. Think about the INVESTMENT and what is means to you.

Below, we’ll discuss a few key considerations that I belive are important when making a decision when searching for your ideal photographer and provide practical tips to help you make informed decisions that could save you money and time.


This may not mean a lot to you right now, but it will make a significant difference on the day of the wedding and when you receive your wedding gallery. Experienced photographers will often charge more due to their expertise. Rates can vary significantly, so it's crucial to understand the level of experience you're comfortable with and budget accordingly. An experienced wedding photographer will guide you on the day of the wedding to help optimize the incredible photographs. We are assuming this is your first wedding, so having an experienced photographer who understands the flow of a wedding day is crucial to having AMAZING photographs.


Most photographers offer different packages that include a set number of hours, an engagement shoot, photo prints, or albums. Know what’s important to you and select a package that meets your needs without paying for extras you don’t want. What is is that matters most to you? Prints? Albums? beautiful photographs? Experience to be able to manage such an important day? all these are things you think about as you are scouting for a photographer and videographer.

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Location and Duration:

The location of your wedding can affect the cost. Photographers may charge travel fees if the wedding venue is far from their base of operations. The duration of your event also plays a role—the longer your wedding, the higher the fee. Ask the photographer if they have a locations list that you can view. This always helps you to view the locations and styles the photographer offers for backgrounds. Not only are you able to see the locations the photographer recommends, but this also helps you to view their style of photography and how their editing style looks to see if it matches the desired outcome for your engagement photos.

Coverage Time:

Photographers typically offer packages based on the number of hours of coverage. A standard package might include 6-8 hours, which suffices for many weddings. If your celebration extends beyond this, perhaps with a long reception or multiple ceremonies, you'll likely need additional hours, which will increase the cost. You should have a general idea of when your hair and make-up start, the time of the ceremony, what time the event is going to be over, or when you plan to have your grand exit. This will give you a general idea of how much photography coverage you'll need. Also, take into consideration travel time to and from different locations. For example, if you're getting ready at home, the church is 30 minutes away from your location, and that's added time needed for travel to and from. Budgeting your time properly prior will help make sure you have enough photo and video coverage for your wedding day.

Scouting the Venue:

Some photographers insist on visiting the venue beforehand to plan shots and assess lighting conditions. If it’s a destination wedding or a venue that’s several hours away, this could lead to additional pre-wedding day charges. This is a great idea, especially if your venue has incredible architecture and scenic venues for your engagement photos. You may have to schedule some time with the venue, but it is worth taking pre-wedding photos there. This allows the photographer to get comfortable with the locations and come up with a game plan for your wedding day to make the most of the time they have with you. See it like this: the more they are familiar with the location, the more efficient they can be with the limited of time they have before the reception to take some incredible photos during the golden hour of you and your partner

Travel and Accommodation Fees:

Photographers often have a standard service area within which they operate without additional charges. However, if your wedding venue falls outside this area, you may be responsible for travel fees, and possibly accommodation and per diem expenses for the photographer and their staff. This can significantly add to your photography budget. When hacing these conversations with your potential photographer, ask them the following questions:

  1. What is your standard service area and do you charge a travel fee for venues outside this area?
  2. How do you calculate travel fees, and can you provide an estimate for my specific wedding venue location?
  3. Are accommodation and per diem expenses included in your quote, or will those be additional costs?
  4. For destination weddings, do you offer any packages that include travel and accommodation costs?
  5. Can you provide a detailed breakdown of potential travel and additional expenses in your contract?

These questions will help you understand the photographer's policies on travel and ensure that you have a clear picture of the total cost for their services.

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Tips for Budgeting Your Wedding Photography

1. Define Your Priorities

What is most important to you? High-quality images, the number of photographs, or the fame of the photographer? Decide your priorities and allocate your budget accordingly. All these important factors will help determine the best route when making your selection on which photography options is best for your budget.

2. Research and Compare

Do your homework. Look at various photographers' portfolios and compare their styles and rates. This will give you a better idea of the market rate and help you find the best value for your money. It's ok to meet 2-3 photographers and see which options and style best fit your needs. At the end of the day, its about the experience you'll remember (along with your beautiful photos) that will last forever.

3. Read Contracts Carefully

Ensure you understand what is included in the contract and check for any additional costs that could creep up, such as overtime rates or extra charges for high-resolution images. VERY important you have a clear understanding what is included in the contract and what to expect for the services the photographer is providing.

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4. Consider Off-Peak Discounts

Some photographers offer discounts for weddings during the off-peak season or on weekdays. This could be a way to get high-quality services at a lower price. Keep in mind, not all photographers provide discounts, and that's ok. How does the saying go? "You get what you pay for". That statement is incredibly true. Higher end photographers with many years of experience will not offer discounts because of the quality and service they provide to their clients. You are better off paying a premium price for premium service on a photographer that will dedicate more time to your event and building a relationship with you and your partner AND will produce incredible images VS. a shoot and burn photographer and a much lower price point. The decision is yours to make what type of experience you want.

5. Ask for Customization

Some photographers offer discounts for weddings during the off-peak season or on weekdays. This could be a way to get high-quality services at a lower price. Look at customized options they offer and see going the customized route works better for your than a collection put together that offers all the bells and whistles.

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Example: Saving with Smart Choices

For instance, Jake and Sofia found a photographer they loved, but his $4,000 package was over their budget. By opting for a smaller package and foregoing printed albums for a digital gallery, they were able to book him for $2,500, saving $1,500 that they could use elsewhere in their wedding budget.


Wedding Photography is not just about capturing the moments.

It's an art that encompasses the photographer's time, skill, equipment, and creative vision. When you understand the nuances that contribute to the cost, you can make more informed decisions that align with both your dream wedding and your financial constraints.

Expertise and Artistry:

Photographers invest years honing their craft, and their pricing often reflects their expertise. By recognizing this, you can balance your desire for quality with the level of skill you can afford. Consider the photographer's portfolio, style, and reputation to determine if their artistry is worth the investment for you.

Comprehensive Packages:

Packages may include pre-wedding consultations, engagement shoots, full-day coverage, second shooters, special edits, albums, and more. By understanding package details, you can choose one that fits your needs, potentially avoiding the costs of à la carte services.

In essence, by appreciating the various factors that dictate wedding photography pricing and by establishing a proactive, transparent, and communicative relationship with your chosen photographer, you pave the way for wedding photos that capture your day perfectly while respecting your budgetary framework. This strategic approach not only ensures financial efficiency but also fosters a collaborative environment where your photographer is fully invested in bringing your wedding day vision to life.

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